I'm very pleased to be part of a unique new grab bag of books from Humble Bundle, all related to music. This bundle includes the bestselling and award-winning CLOCKWORK ANGELS, my steampunk adventure novel based on the most recent Rush concept album, which is cowritten with Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart. And there's the sneak preview “The Bookseller's Tale” from the forthcoming companion novel, CLOCKWORK LIVES, also cowritten with Peart. And if that isn't enough Rush for you, the bundle also includes the advance reader copy of Neil Peart: CULTURAL REPERCUSSIONS, a study of the lyrics and philosophy of Peart by a scholar who has also written similar books on Tolkien and Russell Kirk. This book has not yet been released and won't be available anywhere else until mid-September. The only printed preview copies sold out in hours at Rushcon in LA last weekend. If you want to read these plus fifteen other titles, name your own price, and a portion goes to charity. *Only nine days left* HumbleBundle.com [...]
Sun, Aug 02, 2015
Source: New KJA Blog
As a unique companion to my forthcoming steampunk “Canterbury Tales,” CLOCKWORK LIVES—co-created with Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart—ECW Press has released a limited-edition set of Tarot cards. Each of the 13 cards contains a line illustration of one of the Clockwork Lives characters by Nick Robles, the artist who did such a fabulous job on our CLOCKWORK ANGELS graphic novel. Only 300 sets of cards exist (I know, because I have them all right here in a box!). I will be selling them at the Hard Rock Cafe in Denver this Thursday night (two days before the Denver Rush concert!) and also at Rushcon in LA at the end of the month. For those of you who can't make either of those appearances, though, I am making the card sets available for $15 each, plus postage. The following links are for US orders, Canada/Mexico, and International. Limit of 3 per person, and when they're gone, they're gone. US orders $15 + $2.50 postageCanada/Mexico $15 + $4 postageInternational $15 + $8 postage “All this time we're shuffling and laying out all our cards” The Alchemy Miner, the Astronomer, the Bookseller, the Fisherman, the Fortune-Teller, the Inventor, the Percussor, the Sea Captain, the [...]
Mon, Jul 06, 2015
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Every time I tell someone the main idea behind One Horn to Rule Them All, “A Purple Unicorn anthology,” they all get this odd look in their eyes. And I know exactly what they're thinking. “Purple unicorns? Really?” And then they get that same glint of, “Neat!” When Rebecca and I teach writing classes, Purple unicorns were our way of telling other writers that they need to bring their A-game to the story, no matter what the subject is, no matter how silly the idea might sound. And when we invited a bevy of Superstars Writing Seminar alumni to submit stories all involving purple unicorns, they all brought their A-game! Every single story in this book features a purple unicorn in same shape or fashion, from literal beasts to graffiti and beyond. The best part? Every sale of this book goes toward funding scholarships for future Superstars Writing Seminar attendees, helping our community of all-star writers grow and support itself. When you bring this many talented people together in a single volume, rest assured the creativity is going to astound you. Edited by Lisa Mangum, this anthology is as unique as it gets. Not only are you able to enjoy the tales themselves, [...]
Mon, Jun 15, 2015
Source: New KJA Blog
Today my heart is too heavy to do any writing. Goodbye Linus, my dear friend for fifteen years. Owen Hardy, and the readers of Clockwork Angels, got a brief chance to meet Linus in the quiet town of Barrel Arbor. I hope that's where he's gone now. “He remembered a plump, orange cat that had frequented the Paquettes' newsgraph offices. The lazy cat curled up in any patch of sun, sleeping away the day, content with its sluggish dreams. Everything had its place, and every place had its thing.” Now my place no longer has its Linus. [...]
Sat, Jun 13, 2015
Source: New KJA Blog

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