WordFire Press

WordFire Press, a publishing company owned by New York Times bestsellers Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta, seeks to publish quality works of fiction and nonfiction, while pioneering new models of cooperation and profitability among authors, readers, booksellers, and the publisher.

WordFire Press publishes works from such notable authors as Allen Drury, Frank Herbert, Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson, Neil Peart, David Farland, James A. Owen, Alan Dean Foster, Rhiannon Paille, Mike Baron, Doug Beason, Mike Resnick, Jody Lynn Nye, Todd J. McCaffrey, Victoria Leigh, Bill Ransom, Steven L. Sears, Rebecca Moesta, June Scobee Rodgers, Mario Acevedo, D.J. Butler, Ramon Terrell, Bruce Taylor, Jay Lake, Ken Scholes, John D. Payne, Peter J. Wacks, Mark Ryan, T. Duren Jones, Cat Rambo, Louis Moesta, Julie Frost, Jessica Brawner, Brad Torgersen, Steven Savile, David Sakmyster, Neo Edmund, Colum Sanson-Regan, Josh Vogt, Tracy Hickman, Dan Willis, Brooks Wachtel, Jeff Mariotte, David Boop, Quincy J. Allen, and others.