Everybody loves time travel stories. As a little kid I remember my parents taking me to the movie theater to see THE TIME MACHINE, starring Rod Taylor, based on the HG Wells novel. It was fascinating to watch the machine spin forward in time as the sun and moon whirled over head. Then the time traveler arriving in the far future to fight against the (let's face it, REALLY SCARY Morlocks), before racing back to the present (well, 1890s, actually). The novel THE TIME MACHINE was the very first “grown up” book I ever read, when I was about eight years old. Would you travel forward in time, as HG Wells's intrepid adventurer did, or go back in time to change (or at least witness) history? Maybe back to World War II to prevent the first atomic bomb? Or back to the 1960s Summer of Love? Or the Kennedy assassination? Or would you go sideways in time to see alternate timelines where the world is shifted into a new reality? I just put together a new Time Travel Bundle for Storybundle.com, 13 books exploring all facets of time travel. You can get the whole batch for as little [...]
Wed, Mar 18, 2015
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Dad Img
Yesterday we laid Rebecca's father Louis Moesta to rest in Ft Logan National Cemetery in Denver. He was 89 years old and I was honored to know him for 25 of those years. He was my father-in-law, but I never had any problem at all calling him “Dad.” You will see his name in the acknowledgments page of many of my books, and on the dedication page of several. He was a former English teacher, a stickler for details, a science fiction fan (he let his little daughter Rebecca watch Star Trek with him when it was originally on TV), and he worked for me as a trusted test reader and proofer on my novels for about 18 years. In that time, I think he worked on about forty of my novels, as well as Rebecca's, and he also proofed many titles for WordFire Press. He edited all of my Dune and Hellhole novels with Brian Herbert, as well as my Saga of Seven Suns books. During our group discussions of my manuscript drafts, he always had great insights, digging down to the core of what was wrong with a scene or a section and offering excellent suggestions [...]
Tue, Mar 17, 2015
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This book is going to be as beautiful as CLOCKWORK ANGELS! A new novel in the fantastic Clockwork universe, with all-new adventures of pirates and airships, the Watchmaker, the Anarchist, lost cities, sea monsters, and a woman's quest to collect a book full of lives before she can have her own life back. The cover art was created by Nick Robles, with design input from Kevin J. Anderson and Neil Peart, and hearkens back to an age of beautiful book making: each copy of the trade hardcover will have an oxblood leatherette cover with embossed gold stamping of gears and alchemy symbols. Nick Robles also created striking new line drawings to illustrate the featured “tales” in the book, so that this will be a remarkable and innovative volume to be placed proudly on any mantelpiece. ECW Press will release CLOCKWORK LIVES in September. Copies available for preorder now at amazon or direct from ECW Press or at your favorite bookseller. [...]
Thu, Mar 05, 2015
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558Frog Kiss Front
When we were first dating, Rebecca diligently read most of my stories. After she'd finished quite a few, she gave me a near-impossible challenge: “I want you to write a story that has a happy ending.” So I did. This was her Valentine's Day present—which we've just put up in a new e-story edition. A humorous fantasy tale. An evil wizard has turned the entire royal family into frogs and set them loose in the marshes, and only a kiss can restore them to their natural forms . . . but there are so many frogs, and so much swamp, who is willing to kiss them all? read it for only 99¢ KindleKoboNookAll other eBook formats [...]
Fri, Feb 20, 2015
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