At the last Superstars Writing Seminar in Feb 2014 we had a crackpot idea—we put together an anthology of Purple Unicorn stories, ONE HORN TO RULE THEM ALL, with original cover art by James Artimus Owen, edited by Lisa Mangum, with stories by Todd J. McCaffrey, Jody Lynn Nye, Peter S. Beagle, and the very best entries by alumni from previous Superstars. WordFire Press published the book—and all profits went to fund a scholarship for one student to attend the next Superstars, February 5-7 2015 in Colorado Springs. We posted entry details and opened the scholarship to submissions in November, and we received thirty applications. The intrepid hardworking scholarship committee has combed through all the essays and letters of recommendation—and they have selected the winner. CHRISTOPHER BAXTER will receive full tuition to Superstars this February in Colorado Springs. Congratulations, Chris! Sales of ONE HORN TO RULE THEM ALL have been very good, and as of the last accounting we were *very close* to being able to fund a second scholarship as well. After we finish calculating WordFire Press royalties in a few weeks, we *may* even have enough to give good news to the runner up! http://superstarswriting.com And for those of [...]
Fri, Dec 12, 2014
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Because of an avalanche of deadlines and obligations (so, what else is new?) I never managed to go out snowshoeing a single time last winter. I love to get out in the mountains in the pristine white silence and trudge along the snowshoe or cross-country ski trails and dictate new chapters. It's hiking in the snow! I was determined not to let this winter go by without a snowshoe trip, so I cleared my schedule last Saturday, got my notes ready for three more chapters in CLOCKWORK LIVES, winter gear…now, all I needed to do was find some SNOW. We've had a very warm fall in Colorado, not much snow even on 14,000 ft Pikes Peak nearby. But I checked out some other likely spots in the Rocky Mountains, using traffic cams on the highways, until I found Vail Pass (10,662 ft)—with plenty of snow and several nice snowshoe, ski, and snowmobile trails. I chose a nice, quiet, 5 mile loop that (according to the guidebook) gets little traffic, and headed out for the two-hour drive and the snow. At the trailhead parking area on the pass summit, I got my snow pants on, jacket, gloves, backpack, then trudged [...]
Thu, Dec 11, 2014
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2015 Calendar FrontCover sm
As I posted yesterday, T. Duren Jones and I just released the new 2015 TALES FROM THE TRAILS calendar with some of our best wilderness photos and a monthly story of one of our hiking escapades. Here's a sample of the January story and photo: Doing the Impossible, as a Matter of Course This year I turned 52, and Tim turned 60. We started our main hiking season up in Steamboat Springs with a gruelling 21-mile loop through the Flattops Wilderness, and we followed that with a 22-mile hike near Durango, where we completed the Colorado Trail. I climbed 14,286 foot Mount Lincoln via an obscure alternate route just so I could get my annual Fourteener climb in. Tim summited 14,433 foot Mount Elbert, the highest mountain in Colorado. Even though we had each climbed those peaks before, why not do it again when you have the opportunity? When we finished the exhausting 21-mile Lost Lakes loop in a day—which the guide book calls a “three-day backpack trip,” Tim pointed out, “I don't know anyone of all my friends, at any age, who could have done that with me.” I thought long and hard through my circle of [...]
Tue, Dec 09, 2014
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2015 Calendar FrontCover med
Do you have your special calendar for 2015 yet? Do you have your KEVIN J. ANDERSON calendar yet? Many of you have read my blogs about my epic hikes and mountain climbs, and I've posted countless photos of the beautiful places I explore in the wilderness. Each year I do a very special limited calendar with my brother-in-law (and frequent hiking partner) T. Duren Jones. TALES FROM THE TRAILS, featuring some of our gorgeous photos from our epic hikes as well as anecdotes about our trail adventures (or misadventures). We've just received the 2015 TALES FROM THE TRAILS calendar—probably our most beautiful one yet. We do these calendars as special holiday gifts for our editors, publishers, and industry professionals, but we always keep a small supply to make available to fans. If you're interested in having one of these limited calendars, the cost is $20 plus $5 shipping (in US, more for international). At the link below. Order Calendar—$20 plus shipping Last year, Tim also wrote an entire book of wilderness experiences, TALES FROM THE TRAILS, with many stories featuring our escapades as well as other hikes with his family. I wrote the introduction, and WordFire Press published the trade paperback and [...]
Mon, Dec 08, 2014
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