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Get exclusive access to Kevin J. Anderson’s new epic fantasy, Spine of the Dragon, as its being written!  Engage with Kevin and comment as the story unfolds.

Experience the birth of a novel
Subscribers have access to the first draft of SPINE OF THE DRAGON, uploaded chapter by chapter as soon as Kevin receives the Word files from the typist and completes a first-draft edit. An exclusive forum discussion allows subscribers to comment on the story. Kevin will read all comments (but doesn’t promise to agree with all of them).

Access to SPINE OF THE DRAGON draft chapters
SPINE forum to discuss the story
Hear KJA as he tells the story for the first time
In addition to access to draft chapters as they are posted, VIP Subscribers will be able to listen to Kevin’s raw audio files, uploaded each day—chapter by chapter—as he dictates them. You will hear him on the trail, or snowshoeing in the mountains, or driving on the highway, with all the background distractions, changes, glitches, as well as the really good stuff. You can experience the creative process from the very beginning. Kevin has never before offered this access to any readers.
Access to Kevin's raw audio dictation of each chapter
Access to SPINE OF THE DRAGON draft chapters
DRAGON forum to offer feedback on each chapter
Your name listed in the acknowledgments of the published novel
A signed copy of the final novel

NOTE: all audio files, draft chapters, and author comments are copyrighted material, shared here privately among special fans.  By downloading or listening to these chapters, you agree that you will NOT post these materials outside this forum, or your membership will be revoked.