Sample Speaking Topics

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The Popcorn Theory of Success

(Motivational or General Interest Keynote—45–60 min)

Kevin’s most popular and inspirational keynote, for general audiences as well as writers, in which he shares his insights on how to rise above mediocrity in your field. In an engaging journey from small-town dreamer to a #1 international bestselling writer, he worked hard, sought out opportunities, accepted them and always delivered on what he promised, which led to more and more jobs. His analogy likens the steps to success to popcorn kernels popping. The talk is filled with anecdotes about working for Lucasfilm, DC Comics (Batman and Superman), The X-Files, the legendary rock group Rush, Frank Herbert’s Dune, and others. The core of the message focuses on keys to personal achievement, including persistence, doing good work, and following your dreams—the surest “shortcuts” to success.


Inspiring the Future

(Motivational or General Interest Keynote—45–60 min)

Often, science fiction is described as “predicting the future,” but in reality the imagination and out-of-the-box ideas of science fiction writers serves to inspire the future. Think of Star Trek communicators inspiring flip-phones, Minority Report inspiring touch screens and heads-up displays, even Jules Verne inspiring the development of the first nuclear submarine, which was named Nautilus. Noted futurist and acclaimed science fiction writer Anderson explores and extrapolates unexpected ideas that won’t be science fiction much longer, as well as unintended consequences of new technologies. Who thought that Google searches would make telephone books obsolete? Or that smartphones could make wristwatches and cameras unnecessary? A rousing and insightful discussion can be tailored to many different industries.


Unlocking Shared Creativity: How to Brainstorm for Innovative Solutions

(Leadership Keynote or Workshop—30 or 60 min)

Have you ever wished you had a resource for generating ideas, and solutions to your most challenging problems? This engaging session involves the audience in a brainstorming exercise as Kevin uses fictional improv to show participants how to draw ideas out in a group environment. Guided by Kevin, attendees will create dozens of story ideas—mysteries, adventures, fantasies, science fiction. You’ll find the experience eye opening as synergy is released by sharing ideas, building upon suggestions, and using the game as a catalyst to find potential solutions an individual would not come up with alone.


Kevin’s Elevens: 11 Tips to Increase Your Productivity 

(Keynote or Workshop—30 or 60 min)

Do you wish you could accomplish more, but can’t seem to break out of your rut? Kevin, one of the most prolific bestselling novelists working today, shares eleven strategies for ramping up your output and shaking off the bad habits that hold you back.


Things I Wish Some Pro Had Told Me When I Was Just Starting Out

(Workshop—60 min, 2 hr, or 3 hr)

Tailored either for a general audience or for aspiring writers, this workshop/lecture offers no-nonsense, nuts & bolts advice on how to build a career as a professional. Kevin reveals the secrets of how to get yourself noticed, interact with bosses and coworkers, read contracts, promote your work, and stand out from the crowd.